Our products

We have positioned as a strategic company in various industries

Robotic 3D scanning system for dimensional control

3D scanning and automated measurement of any solid.

IS Glass machine mould thermic control

System of measurement & thermal control of the moulds of an IS machine complete with a unique thermal camera.

Robotic windshield quality control

Robotic system for inspection of Windshields cosmetics defects by artifial visión along with artificial intelligence.

Battery check

System for quality inspection of Car Batteries.

Aluminium slab casting line

Complete automatization of aluminium slab casting lines.

Proyecto Arivolume 2

ariVolume: ultrasonic bottle capacity measurement

Measuring of bottle capacity at the hot and cold end

ariScann: Glass mould 3D scanning & measuring

3D scanning. automatic mould & bottle measuring


3D scanning and automatic measuring of cans

aripack 2


Production control for packing and packaging of fruit or other elements.