• Robotic system for inspection of Windshields cosmetics defects by artifial visión along with artificial intelligence.

The system includes

    • Two image adquisition:
      • Linear camera for scanning the windshield.
      • Area camera for 2D pictures.
    • Robot Fanuc. In this is mounted the area camera.
    • Artificial Vision software development.
    • Artificial Intelligence software development.
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Images of defects in windshield

Quality analysis

    • Detection of up to 15 different cosmetic defects in the perimeter serigraphy of the windshield.
    • Detection of up to 12 cosmetic defects in the transparent area of the windshield.


    1. Intelligent software solution. The system is capable of detecting defects much better than the human.
    2. The system is capable of learning over time.
    3. Flexibility: The robot adapts its trayectory in real time to the shape of the windshield. So it´s inspecting different models of windshield in a row.


    • FAST