3D scanning and automated measurement of any solid

ariScann is intended for automated scanning and measurement of any type of solid. The system offers high resolution 3D scanning, together with a whole software development expressly developed to carry out the dimensional control automatically.
Fast. Accurate.

The system includes

  • Advanced sensor for 3D scanning.

  • Robotic: To access any surface of the solid without restriction of shadow parts.

  • Software development to on-line process the 3D image.

Aplications and features

Quality analysis

Dimensional control




  • Dimensional control of multiple parameters. Comparing with theoretical value and/or with the last measurement.
  • Reverse engineering. Obtaining 3D.
  • Calculation of wear and volumes.
  • Comparison with theoretical 3D.
  • Traceability of the part/mould, etc: Registration in the Database of the history of previous measurements (3D wear, dimensions, etc.).
  • 3D and measurement of any solid in general
  • Automatic 3D composition of any complex solid made up of different pieces.
  • Friendly interface. Very easy to introduce a new type of piece to be scanning and testing.

Video & images