Artificial Vision + Artificial Intelligence

  • System for quality inspection of Car Batteries. This equipment is to check wether the battery has funtional defects The system manages up to 20 different defects. But the system is capable of  learninig for other defects at any time due the Machine Learning algorithms.

The system includes:

    • Two image adquisition technologies:
      • Linear camera for scanning the top surface of the battery when it is open
      • Area camera for 2D pictures of the top surface of the battery when it is open.
    • Artificial Vision software development.
    • Artificial Intelligence software development
    • Complete mechanical & electrical solution: Frame for fix the cameras, conveyor, reject system for the not OK batteries, HMI.

Quality analysis

    • Detection of up to 20 funtional defects.


    1. Intelligent software solution. The system is capable of detecting defects much better than the human.
    2. The system is capable of learning over time.


    • FAST



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