Robotic system for dimensional inspection of the cabin cross several models of VW, Audi and Skoda. The solution is automated part handling and dimensional machine vision inspection robot along checkpoints of the piece. Holes 30 and 40 welds are inspected. The system includes:

  • A table of ABB turn 2 positions: loading / unloading and inspection. – Tools for fxing.
  • Robot ABB. Equipped with double gripper for placement of the two inspection systems.
  • Inspection system machine vision. The solution has two vision systems: one with linear camera and laser illumination and the other area camera and LED lighting.

  • Setting up an inspection system that ensures repeatability and accuracy of measurements.
  • Earn inspection time. The idea is to approaching the 100% inspection of production.
  1. The operator removes the position of loading / unloading the piece recently inspected.
  2. Load the part to be inspected.
  3. The table turns and puts the piece inspection position.
  4. 1st-2nd bis.- The robot runs throughout the piece, at the same time loading / unloading, while different vision systems are performing dimensional checks both holes and welds.
  • FAST