quality control

Check the forging piece comparing with a pattern.

The forging is checked to ensure that both the holes and the threads are correct. It is also detected if there is a stone from the blasting inserted in any hole.

The system includes

  • 3 matrix cameras.
  • Solid mechanical frame to fix the measuring chambers
  • Pusher mechanism for handling parts.
  • Cabin to house all the components.
  • Inkjet marker to ensure all parts are checked.
  • PLC & User interface.
  • Industrial CPU & Software to process images online.


  • Dimensional control of holes diameters
  • Chek the presence of the threats and its dimensions.
  • Check if the is any blasting Stone in the holes.
  • Traceability of the part/mould, etc: Registration in the Database.
  • Friendly interface. Very easy to introduce a new type of piece to be testing.


  • FAST

Video & images