Automated system for measuring hardness train wheels . The solution provides full automation of measurement. Since the handling wheels and automatically measuring them to evacuation tested once , until the starting position . The entire facility is heavy duty ; ready to work 24h . The system includes :

  • Lung input and an output of 7 meters each. Both wheels entry evacuation thereof is performed at the same point . Which facilitates operator ergonomics .
  • Table fixing and flipping wheel. Location where the wheel is set to be tested . Has two degrees of freedom to perform measurements at different heights and rotatably for a same wheel in different multiple measurements at different degrees.
  • Table milling equipment durometer . This table has , in turn , with another degree of freedom in X, to work with different penetrations.
  • Display operator to register the code wheel face manage the traceability of it.
  • Identification Label Printer wheel .

  • Measure the hardness by a system that ensures repeatability and accuracy of measurements .
  • Automate the entire process from the output of the blasting : Win productivity.
  • Having a heavy duty system. Figured that guarantees 24h daily use .
  1. The operator places the wheel from the exit of the blasting in the input position waiting lung system.
  2. Identify the wheel on the operator screen . The system automatically knows what each wheel hardness test must be performed and at what levels.
  3. The wheel when it reaches the loading position in the test table is automatically incorporated therein and performs the subsequent milling operation and hardness measurement .
  4. The wheel is deposited in the lung output .
  5. The operator from the evacuation position , which is the same as input , the wheel moves to the warehouse.


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