Robotic system for packing food cans spray. The solution is to group the spray cans in joint so that the robot by the handle grip and enter in the box. The system includes:

  • A mechanical system maintenance and grouping of input boats.
  • Robot grapple designed for handling groups of cans. Useful for different topologies boats.
  • Robots, two, Yaskawa Motoman. For catching boats groups and their introduction into the box.
  • Erector. Designed to form different topologies boxes.
  • Sealing of boxes.
  • Complete set of maintenance outlet boxes.

  • The operator indicated by the operator screen reference product and the reference fit to use cash.
  • If necessary change the claw and / or some mechanical reference.
  • It ensures that the carton packer is the model indicated.
  • The system starts working fully automatically and autonomously.
  • Putting in place a robot for automatic nesting of boats. Earn productivity.
  • Avoid errors. Avoid complaints of noncompliance by shipments of defective boxes. Incorrect amount of product. Mixed and / or erroneous references.
  • FAST
  • SELF: Unspecified presence of operator).
  • FINE


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