3D scanning and automated measurement of moulds and bottles.

ariScann is oriented to the scanning and automated measurement of moulds, plungers, neck rings & bottles. The equipment offers high resolution 3D scanning, together with a whole software development expressly developed to carry out the dimensional control of Glass MOLDS automatically. Fast. Accurate.

Measures automatically

  • Inner and outer diameters at the desired heights and not only on the edges but on the ENTIRE perimeter.
  • Internal volume.
  • Wear throughout the mold.
  • Others: couplings, exhausts, ramps, cylindrical and conical diameters.
  • Base parameters: height, width, grooves, diameter.
  • Engravings.
  • Plungers.
  • Neck rings.
  • Bottles.


Measurement of parameters up to now IMPOSSIBLE to measure with traditional techniques:

  • Wears with colored 3D map.
  • Virtual volume of the bottle.
  • Diameters in the ENTIRE perimeter, not only in the edges.
  • Others: couplings, exhausts, ramps, etc.

OBJETIVE. It does not depend on the skill of the operator.
TRANSPORTATION: Easy to transport. Laptop.
TRACEABILITY. Thanks to the history of measurements per mold we know its evolution and useful life.

Aplications and features


  • Dimensional control of multiple parameters. Comparing with theoretical value and/or with the last measurement.
  • Reverse engineering. Obtaining 3D.
  • Calculation of wear and volumes.
  • Comparison with theoretical 3D.
  • Traceability of the mold: Registration in the Database of the history of previous measurements (3D wear, dimensions, etc.).
  • 3D and measurement of other solids: Tools, Plungers, etc.
  • Any solid in general
  • Automatic 3D composition of any complex solid made up of different pieces.

How does it works

ariScann captures the scanning speed is fast. Quickly capture measurements of complex shapes to create 3D models of physical objects.


  1. The mold is identified on the HMI.
  2. It automatically recognizes it in the Data Base and determines the pre-established measurements to be carried out on that mould.
  3. It scans each piece that compose the mould and recompose the 3D of the complete mould.
  4. Issues the complete dimensional report of the mould or tool/solid. Included 3D colored scuffs and virtual volume of the bottle.



Robotic 3D version

3D scanning and automated measurement of any solid.

Stand alone version

Con cabina de escaneado y transportadores.


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