1. Supervision and centralized control: From a central control station having supervised and controlled the plant by ONE person.
    • Synoptic state of the plant in real time.
    • Centralized alarms.
    • Launch Production orders. Automatic configuration of all elements involved in a production.
  2. Factory Integrated Data Management system: Data to manage:
  • Production: Real-time data output. Rejections by type and cause.
  • Traceability:
  • Proceeds (provider origin batch) production –Customer batch –Expedition batch
  • The process: Meet at all times in each batch process any linked data: routings why it happened, turns, linked process variables (time, temperature, etc).
  • Quality. Set analytical plans: Parameters analyzed by product and / or raw materials. Performed analiticals register. Management of non-conformities related to analytics
  • Expeditions warehouse: Automated management of charging orders.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance Plans and Calibrations: For machine, for time; for number of operations; for hours of operation.
  • Automation RFID dispatch warehouse: Using RFID technology in identification labels pallet shipments is automated. Improvements involving:
    • Avoid pen to manage lots, ie, fewer errors and less loading time.
    • Avoid shipping errors because the system monitors the loads.
    • Issue real-time delivery notes and the legal documentation bearing. Without error and without unnecessary loss of time.