Project team: Project leader: PROGENIKA – GRIFOLS Industrial customer: PROGENIKA GRIFOLS Research leader: INGENET-ARISENS Nanodetection equipment to detect fluorescent biomarkers (quantum dots) Genetic Biomarkers: Substances used (quantum dots) to detect genetic propensity to develop a disease. Equipment for detecting the fluorescence of the nanocrystals. The system has the necessary sensitivity to distinguish between nanocrystals whose length fluorescence emission is nearby. This aspect is essential for allowing the development of assays with a high level of multiplexing. The equipment consists of devices

  • Microfluidics.
  • Sistemas de iluminación mediante 3 láseres.
  • Lighting systems with 3 lasers
  • Samples positioning systems.
  • Electronics for signal processing.

Has also developed a complete flow cytometry station. It also includes cytometer, the previous module sample conditioning and equipment control software and communication with a LIMS system.

  • Fast, reliable, without a lengthy procedure in laboratory. No need specialized personnel.
  • Designed for in-situ (clinical practice, hospital, food business, etc.) diagnostic realization. It has a samples collection unit completely disposable. Allows reading in a short time with the use of small sample volumes.
  • Reduced cost of equipment and self-diagnosis. Accessible to both institutions-patients and businesses.
  • Highly advanced technology.
  • Low complexity. Simple device. Onsite response to the user. In a simple manner.
  • non-invasive device.
  • Possibility to test several parameters simultaneously. Diagnosis of most diseases requires the analysis various Parameters.


  1. Fluid systems: – Sample injection. Flows, pressures and volumes control. – Camera of hydrodynamic focusing.
  2. Optical Systems: – Light sources. Alignment and focus systems. – Filters and fluorescence detectors (photodetectors, photomultipliers …).
  3. Electronics and software: – High speed data acquisition. – A / D amplifier-converter.