Chrome coatings plant for plastic injection parts for the car.

The solution provides the complete automation of the plant. The plant consists of 3 lines (176 coating system), 12 carriages and 3 transfers between lines.

  • Provide a centralized system for Integrated System Management Plant: Automation and Data.
  • Achieve plant efficiency:
  • By optimizing a process times.
  • By managing the plant information quickly and concisely.

The integrated automation management goes from the complete automation of the plant (time, movements, electrical current, etc.) to the SCADA monitoring. It also includes the integrated management of plant data (traceability of the process and product tracking, production, etc).

  • Automation and SCADA Monitoring of the plant.
  • Reliable Data Management in real time and exhaustive
  • Integration of Plant System with MES Management of the company