• System of measurement & thermal control of the moulds of an IS machine complete with a unique thermal camera.
  • The camera is embarked in the swabbing robot and is capable of predicting the thermal behavior of the mould at all times, by measuring the mould temperature only at the time of swabbing.
  • In consecuence the system is capable of close the cooling control loop of the moulds.

Pictures & Video

The system includes:

  • Thermal camera. Taking a complete thermal map of the internal part of the mould as well of the plunger & neck ring.
  • Robot. Camera embarked in the Novaxion swabbing robot & embedded in its control.
  • Artificial Vision software development.
  • Artificial Intelligence development to predict the thermal behavior of the mould in real time..
  • Possibility of close the mould cooling loop automatically.

More pictures

Robotized camera embarked in the swabbing robot


  1. Smart software solution. The system is capable of learning the thermal behavior of all types of moulds, predicting their thermal evolution in each production circumstance: stopped sections, start-up of a new production, mould change,…
  2. Integral. Its measures the integral cavity of the mould, the external part if its neccesary, the plunger and the neck ring. And it can record the temperature of multiple areas or points of such ítems at the same time.
  3. The system is capable of learning over time. Adapting itself to a new type of mould, to a new production.
  4. Simplicity. With a sole camera it controls the mould temperature and measures the temperatura of plunger and neck ring.
  5. Non-Invasive. The system does not need to take thermal images of the moulds inreal time. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm it only measures the temeperature of the moulds while the robot swabs the mould.




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