Our goal is to enable all manufacturers — especially those dealing with high mix production — to take full advantage of robotics. We work with robot manufacturers, system integrators and end-users.

Robotiq sells product in more than 30 countries, through our global network of partners.


Machinery tendirng

Automation of machine tending processes that include a wide variety of parts often sounds like complexity and expensive custom tooling. Now robots only need a single robotic gripper to handle all your parts.

Collaborative robots

Robotiq products share the same values as collaborative robotics by being flexible, easy to use and dedicated to human-scale applications.

Product testing

Implement a flexible production line testing application that uses an easy to integrate force torque sensor designed to control grip force and position while eliminating external electrical noise. Use the signal directly as digital input to your robot controller.

Advanced manufacturing & research

A flexible robotic hand or gripper and a force torque sensor create a perfect combo that can be used on your platform for a wide range of Advanced Manufacturing and R&D projects.


For assembly applications as diverse as manufacturing airplane wings to wooden doors, our Adaptive Robot Grippers give you the flexibility to handle various operations with a wide range of parts.

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