Ecolac - Prevention of dairy product's environmental impact through ecodesign


Project’s aim is to prevent and reduce the environmental impact associated with the production of dairy products favoring the Ecodesign of food products by the design and use of software specially adapted to the special features of the sector.

It is within “Strategic Approaches” area of the LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance program to promote the implementation of environmental policies associated to the food eco-design and to improve the environmental competitiveness of companies.


  • – Design a tool capable of improving existing products and processes.

    – Develop a Protocol for the Ecodesign of new products.

    – Promote the use of methodologies for design and manufacture of foodstuffs with environmental responsibility criteria.

    – Sensitize consumers towards eco-designed products.


  • Environmental analysis
    • – Identification of the sources of environmental impact of dairy products
    • – Observation of Life cycle analysis of 5 significant dairy products
  • Ecodesign
    • – Ecodesign software linked to the main ERP tools
    • – 5.000 units of an ecodesigned dairy product with less environmental impact
    • – Ecodesign guide of new dairy products
  • Consumers
    • – Identification of green or responsible purchasing claims throug online surveys
    • – Study of consumers behaviour towards ecodesign through focus groups
    • – Education and sensitization campaign targeted towards consumers

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LIFE13 ENV/ES/00615

Total budget: 1.452.503 €

49,78% UE Co-funding

Lifetime: 01/07/2014 – 30/09/2017

With the collaboration of the LIFE toolkit of the European Union.